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About Us

About SymsNET

SymsNET have been providing IT Support and Services to home users in Worcestershire and beyond for a number of years.  At SymsNET, our aim is to help you with your computer problems by stripping away technical jargon and speaking plainly for ease of understanding.


Our company moto is #NoGeekSpeak 


For our business clients, we have teamed up with Active Information Systems so that we can deliver best of breeds products and services ensuring your business is connected, secure and compliant.  

We believe technology should enhance business, it should make it easier to deliver a service or product a product, and it should seamlessly integrate into business operations so it's an asses rather than a overhead. 

We are passionate about technology; you will only ever receive tried and tested solutions that are right for your business.  Every design and implementation that we deliver will always have Cyber Security at the heart of it, ensure your business remains secure at all time.

Supporting IT Schools Africa 


SymsNET are proud to support this UK Charity in the supply of IT equipment and Smart devices.  Donated kit is collected free of charge and they guarantee to erase all data from the computer hard drives.   

For more info please visit www.itschoolsafrica.org